Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tarot reading my result

The High Priestess card as an outcome portrays a very strong and independent woman, be it yourself or a woman involved in your life. This woman is headstrong, not afraid to face conflict or obstacles, and does not easily back down to those who challenge her beliefs. She takes on the world with the sense that nothing is impossible to achieve if she just puts her mind to it. She may come across as ruthless at times, but she has the charm to get others to hear her out and is often a successful woman in all areas of her life. If you are this woman, people should watch out for you, as you are one to be dealt with and will make your way to the top in anything you do. You succeed in your career, dominate your relationships, and often stand up for those you feel are being treated poorly. If you know this woman, she makes a powerful ally and can be a loyal friend or partner, just remember if you try to challenge her, she will probably win! This is a very good outcome for the woman who is dealt this card because you will never take abuse, are fiercely protective of those you love, and look to help those in need.

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